Pickleball Paddle PRO XL Wolfe for Sale





Wolfe Pro Tournament Paddle

Created by Top Pickleball Players after a year of Player Input and Research.

We set out to achieve the holy grail of paddles, the paddle that provides both Control and Power. You have probably seen the ads, the posts, the discussions of those desiring both in a paddle and until now they have been disappointed. Wolfe has not only achieved both Control and Power in our Wolfe Pro XL Tournament paddle but we achieved the trifecta of “Control, Power, Balance”.

Control, Power, & Balance

The Wolfe XL Pro tournament paddle was made from input and evaluation of Top Players for over a year. From that iterative evaluation process we created a paddle with baseline power and net control, all while having excellent balance. The grip on the surface gives you the confidence that you want and need to put the ball where you want every time.

Textured Surface (slightly rough)

The Pro XL has a textured surface. Instead of a smooth slick surface we have added the right amount of texture to provide that additional control. The amount is within the USAPA guidelines, as this paddle is USAPA tested and approved.

  • The surface is Textured Graphite
  • The core is a Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • This paddle has an Edge Guard
  • Specifications: Head Width is 8.25″ , Grip: 4.25″ Inches , Weight: 8 ounces (weight can vary)
  • Comes with a Paddle case as shown in the pictures

USAPA / IFP Tested and Approved

The paddle was tested by IFP/USAPA, the International and U.S. Pickleball Association. It meets all specifications and is accepted for tournament play. Play with confidence and play with the best.


2748 E. Olivera Road Please text me at 650-218-3468 before pick up!