Kim Bouffart, 63 years old

I started playing pickleball approximately 3 years ago. Starting out with Zero paddle or racket experience. I have never played tennis, badminton, racket ball, or ping pong. Most, but not all of my opponents have had some paddle experience at some point in their lives.

I was lucky to have found Patricia. I began lessons to learn the fundamentals of the game and gain more knowledge. Currently I take lessons to improve my skills and fulfill a desire to reach my potential to play competitive or tournament level.

There is a difference in a really good pickleball instructor or a great pickleball instructor.
There is a difference in lessons that are good for everyone or lessons that are designed individually just for you.
There is a difference in just playing the game or having a driving desire to be the best you can be.
There is a difference in an instructor that gives you a lesson or an instructor that stays with you and becomes and invisible part of your team when you are on the court.

From the start Patricia has been that difference for me, guiding me through the process from the beginning till now. She knows my strengths and has taught me how and when to use them.
Patricia also knows my weaknesses and continues to help me Improve, strengthen, and sometimes change what is not working for me.

What I have found with Patricia is that she is not only interested in me, but invested in my success in achieving my goals.

I play doubles and I am proud to say with the guidance, patience, and support from Patricia, along with the amazing pickleball partners I have had, we have shared the excitement of bringing home gold, silver, and bronze medals from local tournaments.

Many thanks to Patricia, my Pickleball partners past and present, my family and friends for encouraging me to be the best I can be.

No matter what your goals may be, taking a lesson from Patricia can make the difference 🙂

Kim Boufart, 63 years old

Designation: The Difference